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You are the success story they need to hear.

I believe there is a purpose for each of our unique experiences. We don't go through disappointment, pain, and setbacks to wallow in self pity, doubt, and bitterness. Our experiences are meant to equip us to offer a hand up to someone else who may be going through a similar situation.

Our own personal experiences coupled with a successful outcome is our Certificate of Completion. This let's one know you are not a novice but an expert who is qualified to speak on the matter.

Remember there is someone out there who desires to get out of their hard place but may be too ashamed to ask for help. They're waiting for you to become selfless and share your personal story with them because yours is the victory story that needs to be heard for them to believe they can make it too.

Do you have a victory story you would like to share via my blog but want to remain anonymous at this time? Send an email and I will share your story anonymously. Someone one still needs to receive hope.

Contact me via my website at

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