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5 Important Questions to ask God

Five of the most important questions you can ask God is "Why", "What", "Who", "Where" & "When"?

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

Who am I assigned to?

Where am I suppose to be?

When am I scheduled to go?

Some people say you should never question God, but think about it, if you never ask Him questions, how do you fully come to know & understand your journey on this earth?

You can go further than your family tree to gain understanding of your questions.  How you ask?  Because the scripture tells us that there is NOTHING new under the sun (Ecc1:9).

Through God's Word and through His people, He brings revelation to your life. Every account of mankind before you is a guiding map for your life today. 

The character and integrity of humans are not a mystery.  Whenever you don't understand something about yourself, (or your family members); check your bloodline.  However, if your family history have somehow become lost through the generations and you are confused about how your life is transpiring, go to the Bible. IT IS WRITTEN [did you know this phrase appears over 49 times in scripture?]

Because there is nothing new under the sun, learning about the characteristics, behaviors, and mannerisms of humans long before your existence can shed light and provide valuable understanding of your personal life. Even though no one from your family may be able to validate you, certainly the Word of God will confirm that whatever you are questioning, is in direct correlation to the walk of someone else within your bloodline.

So rememeber this; obtaining an understanding of your 5 W's for life are important.  Not having a full understanding of your Why, What, Who, Where, & When can be contributors to extra stress, anxiety, and even physical ailments in your body.

Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of your 5W's in life but you're unsure where to begin?  Start by uncovering your Hidden Treasures through this FREE resource.

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Make it an amazing day!

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