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The SMAC Talk Huddle

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The Huddle is a yearly women's empowerment day that is intended to bring women together from all walks of life with one goal. Affirm, confirm, mold, and motivate one another.  In 2018, the SMAC Talk Huddle was birthed out of my desire to schedule an intimate Christmas gathering where five other ladies would come together to inspire & uplift one another, break bread, and go home. Because we had such an enjoyable evening, I was encouraged to host the Huddle again the following year to which it was opened to the public and included women in business networking together. Once again, it was great!

With COVID happening and the need for social distancing, I was tempted to abort the mission of the Huddle because it was going to be utilized as my book signing.  Well, I persevered in 2020 and it not only pushed me to have to catch the real Vision, but also altered my normal way of thinking about how to host this event.  Two things I learned in 2020. 

1. You can have a virtual birthday party and  

2.You can have a virtual wedding vow renewal and people can have just as much fun as meeting fact-to-face. 

How do I know?  Because I did them both in June and July of 2020.  That said, I felt that regardless of what was going on, I had to continue to press toward completing my goals for the year and in 2020 the book signing of my first book project Down For The Count: Bouncing back from life's blows, Vol 4, was one of those goals. I can say that initially I was disappointed because I really wanted to do the event face-to face however, the 3rd Annual Huddle was hosted virtually and it was spectacular!


For the 2021 Huddle, there was an intimate small group of women who came out to the Huddle and it was as if the room was filled to capacity.  There were tears of healing shed, tears of joy, and lots of love, hug, and laughter shared. As of this writing, we are going on the 5th Year of hosting the Annual Huddle and there is momentum to continue this movement to eventually begin charters nationwide.  


If you have never attended a SMAC Talk Huddle, you need to grab some friends and join us as you will NOT be regretful.  Until then be sure to follow the SMAC  Talk Community and be on the look out for our next dynamic and powerful Hidden Treasures Mini Huddle sessions that is designed to help you discover, uncover, and recover all the buried treasure inside of you.  Join us at  If you're not on Facebook, then you definitely want to get on the email list now by connecting with me from the home page.

Our Mission:  For women across the globe to huddle up, network, support, uplift and encourage one another.

Our Goal:  That no one would leave a Huddle the same way they came.

As we seek to expand, be on the lookout for a Huddle near you!

Annual  SMAC Talk Huddle Memories

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