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Do not conform to the patterns of the world, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind....

                                                   Romans 12:2a

The Visionary

Mrs Ann began her journey of self-discovery and healing after experiencing a difficult and tumultuous relationship.  She learned resilience and strength in the face of being a mother of six and battling with her own struggles of not falling prey to mental health illness.  She has been a mother to a few, a daughter to some, and a life and mindset renovation coach to many, but along her journey, she will tell you that she was often alone.  She will also tell you, the periods of aloneness were the seasons in her life that were needed to cultivate the necessary tools to overcome many of the things she has become so well versed in assisting others in getting through and overcoming.


Mrs Ann had a repetitive dream over the course of several years and through these dreams, SMAC Talk was birthed.  It has since been her mission that Sisters, Mothers, Aunts, & Cousins across the globe would come together in unison and work to build a strong sisterhood that would serve in affirming, confirming, molding, and motivating each other to be all they were created to be.

You may hear Mrs Ann often say that authentic sisterhood is requisite for women to encourage and support one another in business and life.  In 2017 the First Annual SMAC Talk Huddle was hosted to do just that.  Her purpose was to bring women together in business and life to network with each other and break the stigma of women talking smack about one another in a negative sense and show the world that SMAC talk can sound pretty good when women are coming together to help support and encourage one another.

Because this journey has become a lifestyle for Mrs Ann to try and bridge the gap within the community of common sisterhood, she came to realize that many women had difficulty joining together and showing support for various reasons or another.  The one thing she took notice of quickly was that especially women who battled with obstacles of low self-esteem, abuse, addictions, and codependency in relationships also lacked the ability to create authentic bonds, walk out their destiny, and create a life of victorious living.  She too was once a victim of these things, so she recognized these traits and thereby developed an even deeper desire to see women free and healed from this dark and lonely place in their lives.

Mrs Ann holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Liberty University where she majored in Addictions & Recovery and minored in Christian Counseling.  Mrs Ann is also a life coach so that she can fulfill her greatest desire which is to assist those who are looking for a radical change in life by helping them renovate their mindset, learn to overcome life obstacles, overcome Spiritual Identity Theft, and discover their Hidden Treasures within.

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