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The Overcomer

Dang my family is BIG [I'm missing four of it's members]

Proverbs 31:28 💖

Coming from a small family, most holidays consisted of me, my brother, my mom, & my grandma. For a period of time, there was also my dad.

When I became a teenager, I recall being told by a family member about how badly the Pope [ specifically the Jeffries side] family was talked about, and being told that rumor had it we were not fit to be communicated with because we were the outcast. We were called "monsters", & the "Goody Two-Shoes", and goodness knows whatelse we were called. As a result, family gatherings were far and few between which meant I would never experience cousin get-togethers, party invites, or sleepovers ever.  One thing I learned from family is that blood doesn't make you have a kindred heart. 

The revelation though shocking & briefly hurtful was quickly resolvable because when you've carried abandonment & rejection like it's your birthright, conversations like that gut punch you and then roll off like it was hit with a shot of Black Flag.

Today I look at my immediate family and I am so grateful and thankful that God chose me to be the birther of my grandmother's dream. She desired to have 12 kids and I granted her six and you know, she lived to meet all six of them.  It is the one thing I know for sure she was proud of me for.  Babies was her joy. 💖

Another one of the positives in my life is that Abandonment & Rejection are no longer my kindred. I learned that they in fact were NOT a part of my birthright so today I walk in genuine freedom from the hurt that was passed down.  I even choose to love and pray for my extended family and forgive them for the word curses spoken over my life.  I am healed from family hurt and I can share my love with others freely now whereas I once moved with fear and caution with other people. 

In my book, Identity Theft: Reclaiming Your Victory, I talk about being robbed of self-awareness & walking away from others before they walked away from me.  It was my only defense mechanism I knew to use to protect me from having to be abandoned or rejected by anyone.  That led to unhealthy relationships and a disadvantaged opportunity to develop roots with friends & family which I am still working on building.

With the help of God, therapy, & and an amazing relationship with Holy Spirit. Look at where I am now y'all!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

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