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SMAC: Sisters, Mothers, Aunts & Cousins

This brand started out as an entity of the SMAC Talk support group for the purpose of giving women an opportunity to sport what they support.  With the motto in mind, the tee's bear inspirational messages that will remind every individual that we are here to affirm, confirm, mold, and motivate each other.  The objective and desire is to uplift and encourage others through their situations and empower them to become the best version of themselves.

My mission to build authentic sisterhood across the globe is fueled by uplifting one another and NOT tearing each other down because of socio-economic, geographic, ethnic, or professional background.  The goal is to NOT just talk about, but to truly BE your sister’s keeper.

 #Itsamovement  as well as my commission to bridge the gap between women living day-to-day without a real community that they can grow in, mature with, and obtain wisdom from.


10% of all sales support the endeavors of SMAC Talk The Movement  


Support the movement now by getting your inspirational tee's right here.

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