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New Year, New Me

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

If you're really hard on yourself, you probably feel like you have failed whenever you aren't able to check off all items on your To-Do List. However, I want to encourage you and remind you that having a spirit of perfectionism, AND marking off a check list isn't what dictates whether you've failed at a task because failure can only be measured by whether you gave up on what you were attempting to accomplish.

For one person, starting a business and getting it up and going may take one year. For another person and their venture it may take eight years. If that person gives up in year seven, it doesn't mean they failed, it may mean they threw in the towel prematurely, didn't have the right model for start-up, or didn't canvas their market to ensure the business was needed for where they wanted to start up. They may have simply gave up before assessing what wasn't working.

As I began to look forward to 2022, I started looking at the people and things that I consumed my life that wasn't working. I concluded I had to make a decision about what could remain and what I needed to get rid of. Although the decision wasn't easy, I found that when I comitted to the concept of 2022 being all about a New Year, and a New Me. I started to feel relieved as I deleted names, phone numbers from my contacts as well as unfriended, or unfollowed people on my social media pages.

I too have settled into the mindset that I don't have to continue feeling as if I've failed at not completing my check lists when the truth is, some of the people & things I had on my list wasn't conducive to the direction in which I was suppose to be headed in the first place.

With that being said. I hope you take the opportunity before the clock strikes midnight to sit for a moment and really quiet your spirit; pray and ask God, in what direction should you be going.

  • What work does He have for you to do.

  • What person(s) does He have on the agenda for you to pour into.

  • What destinations stations has He assigned to you.

My Mantra for 2022: "AWAKENING"

How do you intend to embrace 2022 with the New Year, New Me mindset?? Reply and share your thoughts.

~Mrs Ann

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