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See Me…

For all the kiddo’s starting school tomorrow and those who’ve already started….


If you could see me when I wash my face in the morning and I avoid looking in the mirror because the face that stares back is ugly. If you could see me when I pull all of my clothes from the closet trying to find the perfect outfit; you know, the one that gets the LEAST amount of laughs . If you could see me when I walk in the lunch room gleaming at all the tables already filled with their cliques and cliquettes. ( I must be a complete loser when even the nerds are cliquey). If you could see me when I finish 2nd place in the 400 meter and not one classmate so much as gives me a high five. If you could see me when everyone is talking about who they’re going to the school dance with and I have no one to share that conversation with.

See Me…I can see that everyone who looks in the mirror can see their own flaws. And I can see that when you look in your closet, you aren’t trying to find the perfect outfit to avoid being laughed at, yet you’re dressing to “fit in”.  See Me…I can see all the unhappiness in the lunchroom when I walk in and see all the insecure boys and girls who think the stronger the clique, the more secure they are. And see, when I finish the 400 meter race and none of my classmates give me a high five, I realize it doesn’t bother me as much when I appreciate my accomplishments as self rewarding and not for the cheers of others. See Me… I don’t have to tell a soul who I’m going to the dance with because they wouldn’t know them anyway. For my heart will dance because I have learned to put aside the cares of the world and simply SEE ME….LOVE ME

Hello World♥♥

Mrs Ann Bey 09/04/2017

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