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**There's an Enemy in the House**

Luke 8:17 (paraphrased) tells us that all things done in secret will be brought into the open, and all things concealed will eventually be brought to the light.

Having a spirit of discernment is crucial when networking, collaborating, and attempting to build authentic relationships with people. Everyone you encounter will not have your best interest at heart no matter how well you treat them, and regardless of how pure your intentions are towards them.

Being mindful that even Jesus had a Judas in His life is key to not allowing the knowledge of having an enemy in your presence get you off course.

Stay focused and remember you're also the usher of this concert and you possess the authority to put the enemy out of the auditorium, but make sure you leave the door cracked in the alley so he can hear your real supporters cheering for you when the curtain closes. 💪🏾

Do you frequently get into relationships and find out the person wasn't who you thought they were? Have you ever considered that perhaps the issue lies within you personally? Some people attract bad relationships/friendships as a result of having low self-esteem or battling with being a codependent person.

If this is you, perhaps you're in need of a mentor that can help you maneuver those obstacles resulting in low self-esteem and codependency.

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