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Strike 3

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

This isn’t baseball but you may need to develop a three strike rule for some relationships in your life.  I will give an individual three strikes to invade my life and after that, THERRRRE OUT!

We must be dedicated to our own progress before we can be dedicated to someone else’s.  Now I’m am all about authentic sisterhood, hence the birth of SMAC Talk which stands for Sisters, Mother’s, Aunt’s, and Cousin’s “affirming, confirming, molding, and motivating others to be all they were created to be”.  However, I also realize that some people are infected with the cancers of defeat, lack, and dysfunction so much that they become accustomed to the attention of being the “woe is me victim”.  They would rather have the attention of others feeling sorry for them over anyone trying to help them win in life.

This is how it would go…

Strike #1: You’re approached for advice and you provide it expecting to see a difference in the person’s overall thinking and/or quality of life the next time you speak to them.  Not that you demand it but your time is valuable and so should your relationships be.

Strike #2: You’re approached again for advice and you provide it with the posture of thinking the person found your previous advice encouraging and usable, therefore you’re willing to expend your energy on their conversation again.  Though you think it strange their status is still the same, you jump in to pour out your wisdom yet again expecting to see a difference in the person’s overall thinking and/or quality of life the next time you speak with them.  At this time your antenna should have been raised so that you can tune in a little better should this person return for advice.

Strike #3: You’re approached once more for advice and you’re honestly believing that you are helping this person because they keep returning to you and confirming that you’re the only person they trust to confide in regarding their circumstance.  You have the impression you’re your voice has value in this person’s life only to realize through careful observation of their conversation that they have not carried out not one suggestion, or followed one piece of advice you’ve given them either time.  Here’s where, the 3 Strike Rule is activated.

If people do not value their own life enough to try and remove the stumbling blocks they have, surely, they won’t find your life valuable enough to not cause them.  Pouring out your energy to empty, lifeless individuals can cause unnecessary stress on your mental health, your emotional well-being, and your overall peace of mind.  Time and life are short enough without being bombarded with another person’s dysfunctional lifestyle.  Unsuccessful people will change their environment to change their lives and that includes changing their mindset.  Successful people make things happen by removing dead weight therefore know when it’s time to say STRIKE 3 AND YOUUUR OUTTT!

Love you enough to protect your peace and love others enough to allow them to figure out how to gain peace.

~Hello World

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