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Vulnerability? This sounds scarrrry

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

When we hear the term vulnerability and we think about what it means we automatically sense a bit of fear because we understand that it means we must uncover a part of ourselves that we feel safe holding onto. For most women (and men too), this may be impossible. I want to encourage you that it's okay to be vulnerable in life as it is the fiber that knits relationships together in this journey what we're all on.

As women thriving in a community together building bonds of authentic sisterhood, it's consoling to be able to say to your sister, mother, aunt, cousin, "I understand, I've been there before". It is much easier to reach a person when your stories are relatable and in sisterhood, we've all experienced so many things individually that collectively, we have the ability to build communities that are unbreakable. Vulnerability is all about the willingness to share your story. It shows those in your community that

1. they are not alone in their struggle, and

2. that you are a trustworthy person.

So the next time you reach a hard place in your life, be willing to be vulnerable with your Sisters, Mothers, Aunts, & Cousins as it may help them achieve their breakthrough out loud moment.

Join the movement of creating an authentic sisterhood to build stronger communities around us.

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