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Removing limiting beliefs

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Twenty years ago if you asked me what I saw myself doing twenty years later, I probably would have said being a happily married stay-at-home-mom. I may have said fulfilling whatever God has called me to do. Or, I may have replied I haven't the faintest clue.

One thing I definitely would not have said was that I would be a life coach, entrepreneur, or an author; all of which I am!!! Crazy right?

I grew up being very confident in that I was intelligent, and gifted to help others, but I had no idea that it would be in the capacity in which I operate today.

I doubted myself many times in the beginning of this journey. I desired so many times to throw in the towel when I realized that I would not get in return from others, all the love, care, and energy I poured out. I stagnated my growth and development as a result because I took lack of connecting to the right audience, as a sign of affirmation to my inner child who had rejection and abandonment issues.

One of ny biggest problems recently was that I concerned myself with what others would say about me if I started to share my personal journey. Well let me put this in perspective for you. People will have something negative to say regardless to whether you're doing good or not.

If you continue to concern yourself with what others think of you more so than not, you'll never walk out what you're called to do.

Now is the time to remove limiting beliefs and even if you can't right now, take the leap of faith and believe that never starting the journey of following your heart as it relates to your inner dreams, is always the worst thing that could happen.

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