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Pray Continually

Do you ever feel discouraged because it seems your prayers are being ignored, or they are ineffective? I know that feeling, especially as it relates to praying for family and loved ones. Sometimes it may seem as if God is totally ignoring you because He won't answer the prayers you've prayed in the time you've allotted Him. If your expectation is that He should come through in a week, a few weeks, or in a few months and He doesn't; you immediately conclude that your prayers have not been answered.

Well let me tell you; God knows, sees, and hears all things and He never fails at anything--even in answering your prayers. The Word of God tells us that "all things work together for good to them who love God, to them who are called according to his purpose". (Rom 8:28, KJV) Galations 6:9 reminds us that when we stay the path in what we do, we will reap the benefit. Therefore, we know that even if delayed in our context of time, our prayers will be answered. We just have to remember that prayers are answered in God's timing and not ours🙏🏾

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