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My Truth

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

You ever looked at an old photo of your younger self and thought, Wow I wish I looked like that now; or Man, I'm glad I don't look like I use too! Well, when I look at this photo, that's exactly what I think.

It was the year 2010 the chic in this photo although about 45lbs lighter, was not healthy mentally, emotionally, a lot of times spiritually, or physically. There was a lot of chaos and turmoil in my life back then and as a result, I hardly slept. I hardly ate, and many times I abused medicine to be able to cope with daily life. Additionally I suffered medical issues that often left me depleted of energy or desire to get up and go from day-to-day. Yet I had to keep going for my unwise children, my ungreatful spouse, and all the people surrounding me that were oblivious to what I was experiencing on a daily basis because I hid behind the masked smile so well.

This is the silent suffering that people experience due to lack of environmental support. There is a fear of what others may think of you; What they may say about you etc., etc. Well to hell with that mentality anymore. If me sharing my past pains will help one person in life to not feel alone and isolated in their chaos, by all means I am here to proclaim, exclaim, and sustain that we ALL need somebody we can TRULY lean on.

This is MY truth & I'm sticking to it 👌🏾

Hello World 🌺

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~Mrs Ann

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