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Motherhood Challenged

I remember getting this plaque almost 10 yrs ago. My daughter hated me in the sense, I was not her favorite person in the world. I had made many bad decisions for myself as well as her and it destroyed the likelihood of birthing a joyous and loving mother-daughter relationship. As I opened a box with some keepsakes I still had packed away, a flood of emotions overcame me. I was reminded of Proverbs 18:21 and how when we speak, write, or come into a covenant agreement with written words, they shall be declared over us with or without intention. Although the relationship may have appeared destitute, there was a word covenant in the gifting. God does everything for a purpose. Each time she bought me a gift, during her first few years of being away from home, it was something that spoke to my heart as the mother I desired to be and perhaps the mother she wanted me to be. Although I strived to be a good mom, I failed miserably pleeeeeenty of times!


I am so thankful that He is a God of many chances. I'm still not perfect and never will be but I make every attempt to listen, teach, inspire, motivate, and encourage my babies. I love my children unconditionally. I give, nurture--I'm caring and kind--I AM a Mother. If I live to see 100, my babies will always be my babies. As a mother, I have purposed to build a relationship of mutual love, honor, and respect for my children.

There is no manual on parenting and many mistakes will be made along your journey. You will face challenges with connecting with your offspring; some which you will succeed in, and many in which you may fail--but being a perfect or at the least a great parent is not contingent upon whether your children give you 5 stars or a rave review. Never strive to obtain that accolade because you will get your feelings hurt 😄

Simply make it a priority to do your very best, and let God do the rest.

......I AM a Mother


~Mrs Ann

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