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How do you REALLY feel?

REALLY how are you FEELING today? Hey Queens! I pray you all are well and healthy AND you are in a good state of mind. You know a lot of times people will say they hope you're feeling well but as a general rule of thumb they seldom consider your mental state in the form of a salutation.

When I ask a person how they're doing, it is my expectation that the person will be comfortable enough to say if they're not in a good space mentally, but I also realize most people won't. I'm learning to be more intentional when it comes to asking people how they're feeling or how well they're doing.

Stress and life in general can be overwhelming however I want you all to remember that you are never alone on this journey. Just as closed mouths don't get fed, an unintentional act of kindness can also be pointless.

Hello World 🌺

~Mrs Ann

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