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Happy Thoughts

I hope everyone is having a Terrific Tuesday!

It was a cloudy morning here in Coloma, Michigan this morning and on top of other things, it just didn't make for a bright day. As the morning progressed and I thought about how gloomy my mood was, I realized I was allowing external factors to affect my internal mood.

Seeing as yesterday was Mindset Monday, I had to think about that and shift my "Mindset" in order to change my thought process to obtain the pick-me-upper I needed.

Seldom do external factors have a direct impact on mood. As a matter of fact, never does it have a DIRECT impact. It is usually when we allow stinking thinking to creep in that we see external factors exacerbate negative emotions and impact our external mood. That is when we have to check ourselves and course correct our Mindset.

Closer to noon I felt a little better mentally and was able to then handle the external factors happening around me and not allow them to overwhelm me which would then cause me to have a bad attitude.

I hope this helps someone struggling with maintaining a positive mindset when chaos is happening around them or even slight nuances that may turn your happy mood sour.


Stay in the driver's seat of your mind because in essence only you have control of who drives your thoughts.

Happy Thoughts World!

~Mrs Ann

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