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Happiness vs. Joy

Here is another point of view regarding happiness vs. joy. I learned you can balance a scale however, as soon as weight is added to one side, it then becomes off balance again. You can not evenly distribute weight on a scale accurately every time. Therefore, if illness, death, or job loss hits your home, it could potentially destroy the happiness inside of you because all of those circumstances can effect you (and your feelings) temporarily.

That being said, a balanced life or mindset neither warrants or promotes happiness. Any one thing can alter happiness at any undetermined period of time. Maintaining a harmonious life however does impact your overall happiness. When things are working harmoniously with one another, regardless of the balance being off, harmony will promote the thought that with one correct weight added, life will be back in balance & the emotion of happiness will become steady again.

You see, happiness is a feeling that is experienced in the conscious mind whereas joy is an emotion and can be manifested consciously, or subconsciously. Hence the reason the scripture tells us that God can give us joy that surpasses our understanding to guard our heart and mind (Phil 4:6; paraphrased) Listen, the moral of the story is,

If you are looking to live a harmonious life, just know with time, patience, and perserverance, it is obtainable!

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~Mrs Ann

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