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Get over it? YES, It's Time!

As adults we can not blame our parents or anyone for our dysfunctional, or malfunctional lifestyles.

You can't control or change the past but you can HEAL from it and stop the cycles of flawed, debilitated, & an unfit lifestyle handed down from generations before you.

Stop blaming others and excusing yourself for YOUR CHOICES. Addictions, though they may pass from generation to generation, CAN BE BROKEN. Let it begin with YOU. YOU be the generational curse breaker and stop hiding behind what happened to you as a child. You're an adult now so move accordingly. Adults work physical jobs to take care of their home. As an adult you must do the physical work to care of the physical home that houses your brain & your heart.

You can't change your life without first changing your mind(set). To change your mindset, there has to be enough heartbreak for the things that aren't conducive to your growth, that a mind shift begins to takes place. Also, you must do the work DAILY to overcome the past that attempts to destroy your future.

What are you waiting for? No one can do it for you so let's begin.

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