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Are you a crafter? Do you have a hobby that requires you to utilize supplies that you have stored somewhere in your home, basement, or garage?

What's in your cabinet that allows you to complete your projects in a timely, efficient, professional, or timely manner? 🖌🛠📊 Perhaps your hobby allows you to provide Birthday, or Christmas gifts to friends, family, or loved ones. Maybe your hobby affords you the opportunity to make extra income for your dream vacation, or to build up your nest egg for retirement. Whatever the reason or the tools needed to complete the task, you'll make sure you're equipped with the necessities to complete the task.

I said all that to say this. Get your arsenal together to prepare for, start, or finish the job you've been assigned to do. Look in your cabinet and make sure you have all the essential supplies needed to complete the mission you set out to complete.

Whether it's personal, business, or relational; proper preparation is the key to successfully finishing the task. A baker does bake bread in need of flour and salt; they have all ingredients on hand before starting the process. A surgeon isn't set up for surgery after the anesthesiologist puts the patient under, their tools are laid out before they enter the surgical room.

To PREPARE yourself for success means to READY yourself for success. Now go and Be GREAT because you ARE

Hello World🌺

~Mrs Ann

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