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Hello World!

I went to sleep around 11pm only to find myself wide awake three hours later.  My eyes flung open as if I had reason to rise at two in the morning.  Tired, wanting to go back to sleep I arose and sat on the side of the bed.  Dazed and confused about what my mind must have experienced while in my slumbered state.  Hmmm, no clue.  No nightmare.  Not even a bad dream.  So I ponder.

After sending up several timbers for friends, family and loved ones I thought; maybe that was the reason and the only reason I was abruptly awakened at such an hour.

Sometimes just as we ask God for many blessings we also have to be a blessing to others.  Hopefully my prayers that went out on this early morning will reach Heaven in time to fall down upon all those that I’ve prayed for.

May God continue to shake me so that I may continue to speak blessings over His people.



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