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Hey Team, HEY!

Don't you guys just love the opportunity to DO new things, GO new places, VIEW new sights, and GROW in new ways?

That's what SPRING represents to me.  NEW, NEW, NEW.  Everything New!  {lyrics from a song I love}. 

If you've never looked at SPRING from a place of excitement and opportunity, may I introduce to you the John Whitmore GROW model to accelerate your performance?

Goal--ask yourself where you want to be

Reality--where are you currently?

Options--acknowledge obstacles and options to overcome

Will--what are you willing to commit to? Convert options into action steps that will lead you to your goal.

I hope this model allows you to view SPRING as another way to meet, beat, or exceed your personal goals in all areas of life as it can be applied to anything.  It has certainly helped me.

Because you can't pour from an empty cup, be sure to do something to refuel your life!

~Mrs Ann

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