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2022 Has Taught Me

2022 has taught me that some people would rather sit and watch you from a distance rather than have a seat at your table and break bread with you. If the table is theirs, they would rather keep the food in the kitchen & pretend there's not enough to share. There are others that will squint their eyes while walking by to keep from saying hello. This still baffles me.

2022 has taught me to continue to be kind, cordial, and loving to those who've shown no regard, let alone kindness, cordialness, or love.

I was abandoned by some and rejected by others yet 2022 pushed me to continue to strive for ways to position myself to affirm, confirm, mold, & motivate sisters, mothers, aunts, & cousins across the globe.

2022 has taught me to just be who I was created to be regardless of whether anyone sees me for who I really am. I have learned that some people are abusive towards you because they are abusive to themselves, and there's nothing you can do about it except let them go.

2022 was a year of AWAKENING. I learned to be bold in my awareness of the things which were conducive to my internal maturity & external growth.

2022 taught me that I MUST approach 2023 FEROCIOUSLY & FEARLESSLY. It also taught me that in 2023 I can't stare at the rear view mirror or sit at the park-and-ride waiting for riders.

2022 has taught me to keep the train moving just slow enough for those who desire to jump on to come aboard and for who want to jump off to do so without sustaining injuries [🙃]

Needless to say, I'm ready for 2022 to just go, and for 2023 to come on and let's Go, Go, GOOOOO!!!!

What has 2022 taught you?

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