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What’s the point?

Do you ever struggle to find balance in giving what’s needed vs. giving what’s wanted to others?  A wise woman once told me, you can give of our overflow, but never of your essence so be careful in what you allow others to take away from you. 

In this generation of humans, people have become selfish in that they pull from your core and if you’re not careful, you will find yourself depleted of your essence.  The fight comes from desiring to help others so much so that when the other person is inflated enough, they float away until they are depleted again of whatever jewels you have within to give. 

The scale, sometimes difficult to balance, has to be weighted in such as way that you’re not neglecting to protect yourself, yet not neglecting to share the gifts that you’ve been granted to share.  A few ways to help provide that balance might be to: 

  1.   Be unselfishly selfish with your time 

  2.  Never omit self care   

  3.  Always find a balance in sharing your gifts with others

  4.  Ensure that you have a strong support system for you 

  5.  Recognize the difference between life seekers and life suckers

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