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Waiting to bloom….

Hello World,

As I was encouraging one of my baby ladies, I was reminded of the process of how beautiful flowers are after they’ve gone through their growth process and one has only to admire the bloom.  After expressing discomfort about her growing pangs, this was my response. I hope it helps you too.

…. Yes baby gurl…however without things crumbling around you, you wouldn’t grow. In order for a plant to produce a beautiful bud, it has to “break” through the dirt first. It also must be beat upon by the rain/water This allows the seed to receive its nourishment below the surface (in our heart) so that eventually it may spring forth…There is a struggle that takes place, unforseen to the human eye. All we know is that upon bloom, there is a beautiful flower. You WILL bloom baby gurl but you must break through the dirt (life’s circumstances) 🌼🌻🌷🌻🌼


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