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Overindulging the addicted. Why are you hurting them more?

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Sitting here I began thinking about the lifestyle and mind of a hoarder. Short story shorter I concluded that no one knows what goes through the mind of a hoarder, not even they themselves. Their surroundings over time become deplorable after what initially seems like just an over abundance of “stuff” and disorganization. Like the mind of a hoarder, so is the mind of one bound by addiction. They are mentally ILL. Initially it seems like harmless activity until one day the need for the substance becomes greater than the need for living life itself. I ask you, if you have friends, family, or loved ones who are bound by addiction to pray for them sincerely. DON’T pacify and condone their actions because it DOES NOT help them. As a matter of fact, You become their crutch which could potentially lead to co-dependence. Sure, they will be angry at you, blame you, or they may even hate you for “turning your back” on them but remember it’s the addiction you are turning your back on, not them. When the rock bottom is all they have to look at, their only choice is to either look UP or continue to stare at the face of their bottom. Either way, the decision is theirs as is the decision to continue gambling, eating, shopping, shooting up, smoking a pipe, popping pills, snorting, huffing, or drinking. We must become better at loving others and realize that when we indulge behaviors that we KNOW is killing someone mentally, physically, or emotionally, we are just as rotten to the person as the addiction is to them. ~Mrs Ann

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