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She’s back….

Hellllo World!!! 

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared my thoughts with you all.  Yes, I’m still alive and YES! Everything is ALLLright!  I have been on a hiatus simply because I needed to re-group and re-focus my attention on some of the things I had lost focus on.  I’M BAAAACK!

While away, I gained the knowledge and a better understanding of the concept that ReGaRdLeSs of whether or not you have people in your corner encouraging and supporting you; YOU, my dearly beloved must remain committed to the process of doing the work you were designed to do! 

I faced disappointments, rejection, let-downs, abandonment, misunderstandings, falsely accused, challenged, unsupported, etc.  I realized that those experiences were lessons that I required to elevate to my next level.  I now have a clearer focus and a new perspective on the model that, “What doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger”.  

I encourage you to keep going, stay strong and when you’re not feeling strong, PRESS into your gut instinct that your tribulation is working on your behalf to birth your triumph!!!!

Mrs Ann

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