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Random Holiday Thought

Random Holiday Thought: (You never forget how people make you feel about some things. At the time I believe I may have held an unwarranted offense to something that made absolutely no sense from the persons mouth) I do not mean to offend or put any person down but I speak literally sometimes and it may have a course tone.

Please view your circumstance from more than one lense because you could potentially be the problem in your own life. #rip CL Houston #foreverdaddyslittlegirl #gonebutNever4Gotten Thank you for the legacy of desiring more wisdom. I will forever be a student to Life.

Some people will abuse food assistance benefits to throw celebratory BBQ’s for boyfriendso, BD parties for the kids or themselves, to buy new outfits for an occasion, get mani/pedi’s, drugs, booze and whatever else. Some of those same said people will talk about the body of Christ and say how judgemental and fake we are. Both in the black AND the white community. Soooo, no one is suppose to judge the foolery? Can we please be Frank, Lewis, and John for a minute? For some of us, our faulty thinking is own worst enemy 🤦🏿‍♀️

Look in the mirror…First talk to that person who’s staring back before you start talking about the hand of the one who is without question helping you. Correction starts within you, not in those around you.

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