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Listen to your body

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

When we start getting ill our brain has a way of notifying our body that something is not right and we experience fever, diarrhea, or vomiting.

Sometimes we experience just one of these symptoms or it could be a combo, but nonetheless communication happens. The symptoms are direct responses to the body to say “Hey, I’m in fight mode right now and I need you to work with me”.  You may “ride it out” like a soldier, or you may listen intuitively and start nurturing the symptoms by increasing your fluid intake or leaning on home, or over-the-counter remedies.

Well our brain responds in like manner when it comes to our mental and emotional well-being which can directly affect our body. I’m sure you’ve experienced a time or two dealing with someone in a highly stressful moment and leaving their presence with an elevated body temperature, and/or slight tension around the forehead and brow areas. If so, there’s your evidence backed study, and if not, Waaaait for it (LOL)! Just kidding....The point is, when we experience peace, joy, tranquility, etc. as a result of communicating with others, it notifies our body that the interaction was an enjoyable experience. The warning bells that are activated in us when communications are not so pleasant are for example stress, anxiousness, and frustration to list a few. I’m sure you can identify with some other negative emotions your brain has notified you of. Ultimately, the brain is saying “Hey, take care of our mental space so our body can maintain its proper functioning”. It is imperative that we care for our body as a whole therefore, just as you would address the symptoms you experience from physical notifications, so should you address the symptoms associated with mental notifications as they can cause the body to short wire and be disrupted physically.

In the process of building an authentic sisterhood, don’t blow off the warning alarms that are going off in your head as it relates to relationships. Building healthy relationships are to mental health, that following a physicians therapy instructions are to someone who’s suffered a badly broken bone.

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~Mrs Ann

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