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Have you been cheated or chosen?

♥I heard Pricilla Schirer telling a story about a young lady who had given up a job paying really good money with great benefits. The young lady felt compelled to leave her job to pursue what God had for her to do in life. What it was she wasn’t sure, but she was absolutely sure after much sought through prayer, that it was her time to leave the job. During her “time of waiting” for God to show her what she was to do next, she took on a babysitting job for several families. After a little over a year she began to get discouraged about her position. She felt that she had been cheated because God had not revealed his next level for her life. After praying again, all of a sudden she realized that she had in fact not been cheated, but she had been chosen for the assignment of ministering to the lives of the families she served.

 Have you ever felt like your life was at a stand still? Have you ever been called to a position in life and because you felt it was insignificant, you didn’t think it was where God wanted you to be? When we come to understand God’s purpose for our life, we become aware of the fact that God has a chosen path for each of us and we only get cheated when we don’t follow it.

Hello World ♥

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