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Divine or Declined

So, as I sit here and contemplate my life I began to wonder if I was embarking upon a divine call, or a declined request for a fulfilled destiny.  I chuckled at the initial thought as it sounded like a snazzy comeback to the miserable bully chic who somehow gets her kick out of teasing the quiet girl.  I questioned my purpose in life.  I think I know what my purpose is.  As a matter of fact, I know what it is.  But then again, am I sure? Has the request to fulfill my destiny been declined?  Have I missed my opportunity to make a difference in the world? Of course not!  There are plenty of people that have left an imprint in the world BECAUSE they didn’t see their window of opportunity as closed, but every adversity as a stepping stone to their success.  I’m so glad that bout of doubt quickly banished. 

I’m sure many of you out there are feeling hopeless and defeated because what you feel on the inside doesn’t line up with what you’re seeing on the outside, however, I assure you that your divine call is simply lying dormant inside of you.  I realized that every time I listened to an inspirational message of some sort, there was something that kept growing inside of me.  Something much bigger than myself.  It was my truth.  My divine call was growing up.  With that came the gripping fear that I would have to be honest, open, and transparent with others about where I came from and how I overcame my adversities. 

A dear sister of mine says, You must be willing to live unapologetically in your truth in order to help others.  I came to realize that if I continued to sit back and allow my gift to nurture and love on others to lie dormant, that gift would eventually be given to someone who would be willing to share it with others. 

I refuse to allow my divine call be a declination to my destiny, what about you? I encourage you to map out your desires, line them up with your natural abilities, and then cultivate them into living out your divine call.

Hello World ♥

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