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Do you ever wonder....?

Have you experienced something so trying in life that it made you question your existence? As a child, did you experience being the outcast to the degree that you felt you should've never been born? Were you so different from all the kids around you that you felt like you had to play the chameleon to try and fit in? If you did but are too afraid or embarrassed to admit it, its okay. I think I can identify with each of those descriptions at one point in my life or another. Some people start off in one of these lanes and they end up on the right street with no problem at all. Others end up in one of these lanes, but end up on the wrong street and things don't pan out so well for them. Whatever your journey has been or is, know that you are NOT insignificant. Everything you've experienced or will experience is designed to work for your good even if it doesn't initially feel good. You may have discovered a path that was demanding of your attention to navigate, or one that was effortless and manageable. Remember whichever road you must travel is the one necessary to reach your destiny and though it may not feel good; bearing the title of Overcomer always does 💙💜💙

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