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Ladies I am so excited to release information to you about the 2023 Annual SMAC Talk Huddle, where women get to join together in uplifting and inspiring one another to be all they were created to be.  That is the culture of the SMAC Talk community which provides women with a space to come together for a sisterly day of fun, learning, sharing, and discovery all free from judgement of others. 


Before I give you the background of the Annual SMAC Talk Huddle, I want to encourage you to follow me on Facebook to stay up to day with all that's happening within the SMAC Talk Community so that we may continue to foster the authentic sisterhood that is built among the women who attend this amazing event.  


Our Mission is to affirm, confirm, mold and motivate others to be all they were created to be and the goal is to build trusting relationships with women across the globe.

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