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SMAC Talk represents Sisters, Mothers, Aunts, &  Cousins with a primary mission to affirm, confirm, mold, & motivate women across the globe to be all they were created to be.

Our goal to develop a community that has an authentically harmonic female camaraderie is
facilitated through the online SMAC Talk Community Facebook Page, in-person empowerment talks, our YouTube Channel, and the Annual SMAC Talk Huddle.

SMAC Talk Global is founded upon these four Pillars:

✨ Affirming: Offering mental, emotional, or spiritual support to another individual especially
when facing difficulties in life

✨ Confirming: Reassuring, verifying, and validating someone when necessary to assist in
enhancing one's quality of life

✨ Molding: Walking someone through a synthesis of life qualifiers to help them overcome
setbacks and maximize strengths

✨ Motivating: Assisting one through their journey to discovering who they were created to be

Short Term Goal:
Women's Empowerment- hosting events that will catalyze [create], incite [provoke], and nourish [promote] relationships

Business Collaborations– bringing women owned businesses together to build community and
strengthen families

Author Collaborations– bringing inspirational writers together to strengthen, engage, and
educate communities


Long Term Goal:
SMAC Talk Charter–  create SMAC Talk Hubs across the globe

Entrepreneurial Dream Center– One stop shop for advice and assistance on business start ups

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