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Sometimes I say to myself, I'm afraid that these messages may be falling on deaf ears but deep within, I know there are a lot of things about Antoinette that would make me feel that way. There's that thing called F.E.A.R. and I have to always challenge myself to CHANGE MY STINKIN THINKIN, therefore, I call Antoinette on the carpet daily and hold myself accountable to what I am called to do.

As a kid I always dealt with fear of being abandoned and rejected by those in my life partly because of my family dynamic, but there were also other things that caused me to think this way as well. When I became much older I realized the fear was in my own head, not because I had actually been rejected by anyone specifically. I remember in a teaching Joyce Meyer said FEAR is: False Evidence Appearing Real

Hearing that really brought things into perspective for me. You see, there are a lot of things that we may be afraid of, but having FEAR isn't the same as being afraid. Did you know that? Being afraid is simply having a concern over a matter whereas FEAR is debilitation that interrupts thoughts, emotions, & actions in some form or another.

Here's a clear example. I'm afraid that if I don't pay my electric bill, my lights will be disconnected. Also, I can not go into my restroom without slippers or shoes on my feet. Both are true thought patterns that I have however, the first statement applies to any one who pays an electric bill and holds truth if not addressed. The latter statement is a true FEAR, or false evidence that may appear to be real in [my] life (can you guess which statement is the result of a debilitating thought process?). A light bulb came on in my head when I heard Joyce explain FEAR and how it keeps us from doing the things we were meant to do, or things we desire to do because we fear what others may think, or we fear the outcome of our decisions before we even attempt to test the waters.

I want to encourage you to analyze the thing that you've desired to do that you have a fear of because of false evidence (what you think may happen). Assess whether it is you being afraid of fact, or is it fiction. Begin to renovate your mindset so that you can be empowered to do the things you are capable of doing, learning what you are capable of learning, and going where you are capable of going without limiting beliefs that you're too old, too far behind, too broke, too uneducated, too, overweight, too skinny, too tall, too short, no one cares, no one will listen, no one will support, no one will believe you, or whatever untruth your mind tells you. Begin your mindset renovation today so you can Be GREAT because you ARE!

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