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Bye, Felicia?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Is it time to tell your friend, “Bye Felicia”? I know it may be difficult to let go of some relationships that you’ve been a part of for years, but sister girl, if you’re doing all the work to maintain the relationship there may only be one who’s committed to the sisterhood.

Listed below are 8 ways to measure if your sisterhood is authentic or not.

• Your friend is always asking you for a favor, but never able to give one • You initiate first contact most, if not all, the time • Your friend only contacts you first when they need you for something • Well wishes or checks are never reciprocated • Your friends lack of thoughtfulness is justified by “I’m just not that good with keeping in touch” • Your friend rarely calls you back • Your friend always has an excuse as to why they can’t get together • Your friend invites other friends to share activities but you’re never invited

Though it may be tough, it may be time to back off and see who’s really in Your circle, or whose circle you’re simply invading.

20/20 Vision

~Hello World

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